Why Should You Own a Karukrit Board of Excellence?

When it comes to awards, most competitions opt for trophies over plaques. While trophies seem like the classic and popular choice, Karukrit International Film Festival honors its participants and winners with Karukrit Board of Excellence (KBE). Certificates are an essential part of recognition, and with certificate plaques, the purpose of both trophy and certificate are juxtaposed elegantly.

Our certificate plaques are made of durable, eco-friendly material. A classy plaque having a solid laminated wooden base with three metal golden stars beside the certificate (printed on Gold Sheet) is a great way to commemorate and display a special achievement, while taking much less space. These esthetic awards are sized at 10'' by 8'' and they come in dark Maroon color, with a metal screw as back stand along with a pinhole to hang it on the wal. They can be placed next to other awards in the showcase, or on a nice stand on the shelf, to display your achievement in full glory. Indeed, nothing manifests your achievements like an award on display.

Karukrit is an organization whose mission is to help marginalized people by educating them in skills and crafts, so that they can earn their own livelihood. The Karukrit Film Festival is a part of that mission, which promotes diversity and sustainability through indie filmmaking. It is a monthly film and screenplay competition, awarding winners in multiple categories.

Email us at karukrit.org@gmail.com to place the order for your 'Karukrit Board of Excellence'.

Some Facts :

  1. Size: 10 inch by 8 inch

  2. Laminated thick wooden base (1 inch)

  3. Gold plated metal stars

  4. Certificates printed on golden acrylic sheet

Submitters of the monthly selected and winning projects may order a 'Karukrit Board of Excellence' for themselves and their team, for $220 (USD) including shipping charges.

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