Karukrit Winners - June 2021

KIFF Film of the Month

The Vault of Padmalochana - R. A. Pandian

Best Narrative Short - Comedy

Lizzy’s Plan - Mia Rivera

Best Director

Three Days Gone: Based on the Life of Lucas Snow - Scott McCullough

Best Screenplay - Drama short

Piccolo Santino, Bartolo's Story - Sal Mallimo

KIFF Special Mention - Documentary Short

It Gets In Your Blood - Ed Hartman

Best Drama Short

For the Greater Good - Michael Gavino

Best Women Empowerment Film

I'm Sinner - Jay Dogra

Best Dark Comedy Short

Branching Out With The Invisible Man - Jim & Nick Zounis

Best Student Film

Kenny Rei and the Spicy Ladies - Tina Toth

KIFF Special Mention for Experimental Short

Looking For You - Caroline CORBASSON

Best Music Video

Thank You All I'm Fine - Fabien Constant

Best Documentary Short

I am a guardian - Bianca Butti, Claire Paparazzo

KIFF Special Mention for Narrative Short - Drama

This Case & My Life - Ana A P Braunstein

Best Animation Short

Kenya's Symphony - Carlos Douglas Jr.

Best Inspirational Short

Recycled Verses - Randy Kelly

Best Debut Filmmaker Award

Antonio Norales: Garifuna Guardian - Walker Simon

Best Narrative Feature - Drama

To Be You - Chad Eddy

Best Experimental Short

Abandoned? - Kostiantyn Mishchenko

Best Science Fiction Short

The Climate Change Problem - Bruce Barker

Karukrit Original Story Award

This Case & My Life - Ana A P Braunstein

Best Narrative Short - Drama

Restless - Asger Krøjer Kallesøe

Best Thriller Short

Beauty Shift "Aunt Emma's Legacy" - Aja (Yet) Thomas


Submitters of the monthly selected and winning projects may order a 'Karukrit Board of Excellence' for themselves and their team, for $220 (USD) including shipping charges. The trophy will have a laminated Wooden base + Metal stars + Golden Acrylic Certificate.

To place the order email us at KARUKRIT.ORG@GMAIL.COM


Submit your film to Karukrit for review, promotion and awards - Click here to submit

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