Karukrit Winners - July 2022

KIFF Film of the Month

Blue Mountains Afar - Nazia Rafique

Best Thriller Short Film

Secret Games - Tatiana Hill

Best Romantic Short Film

Shikwa - Joshua Duttagupta

Best Romantic Feature Screenplay

In Jade Moonlight - Craig Stewart

Best Thriller Short Screenplay

The Oblivious Notes- Jason Boyer

Best Drama Short Film

Future is Good - Jack Ramirez

Best Comedy Short Film

Killed by a tiny Spider - Trish Meehan

Best Thriller Feature Screenplay

The Black Palace - Seth Robbins

Best Comedy Feature Screenplay

The Pool Sisters - Tabitha Fry

Best Sci Fi Short Screenplay

Aliens among us - Romeo D'Cruz

Best LGBTQ Short Film

Bella - Gigi Romero


Submitters of the monthly selected and winning projects may order a 'Karukrit Board of Excellence' for themselves and their team, for $220 (USD) including shipping charges. The trophy will have a laminated Wooden base + Metal stars + Golden Acrylic Certificate.

To place the order email us at KARUKRIT.ORG@GMAIL.COM


Submit your film to Karukrit for review, promotion and awards - Click here to submit

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