How to choose a Camera for low-budget filmmaking

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker wanting to make your debut with stunning visuals or an experienced one on a budget, chances are that you are stuck trying to choose the right equipment, most importantly the camera. While choosing a camera for your upcoming projects, there are certain factors that you need to consider. These will help you choose the best camera within your budget.

Budget: This might seem like an obvious considering factor, but it’s important to figure out the entire amount you can afford for camera equipment. Keep in mind that you also need memory cards, additional batteries, a tripod, shoulder mount, etc. So you cannot spend your entire budget on an expensive camera and then have no money left for the other items. An effective way of determining your expenditure is by figuring out the amount you can save or earn by buying a camera. On this note, consider hiring a camera and exploring its features, before deciding if you want to buy one.

Content: The choice of camera depends heavily on what you want to shoot and how. A basic understanding of the craft of filmmaking, storytelling and functionalities of a camera, go a long way in helping you to choose. If you are into creative filmmaking, a mirrorless camera or DSLR with detachable lens would be your perfect and most affordable choice. If you wish to make journalistic documentaries or shoot outdoors, then go for semi-pro camcorders, action cameras like GoPro, flip cameras or smartphones. These provide ease of use, speed and mobility.

Medium: While budget and content are the most important factors, your choice of medium also needs to be considered while choosing a camera. Whether you are into vlogging, filming educational content, making nature documentaries, or filming narrative films, each medium has its distinct visual aesthetics, which need to be kept in mind while choosing a camera.


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