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Aama is a moving story acted out by proven artists. The movie tells a typical tale of the Nepali society. The plot is focused, restricted by the principles of necessity and probability. It must be a good watch for lovers of realism.

The development of climax and denouement seems formulaic; it is predictable and rarely surprises you. It offers you a spellbinding story with an excellent directorship.

One Man Army

Because it is a family story and family values play decisive roles in anyone’s life in the Nepali society, the movie easily appeals to the Nepali audience in general. Dipendra K Khanal has written an emotionally charged story incorporating three subplots that are closely interconnected. The three subplots deal with different issues of the Nepali society: from the growing exodus of the young population to the foreign land, leaving the life of old people miserable in the villages, to the woes of ‘infertile’ couples. Yet, they connect to one theme: the parent-child relationship.

Khanal did not to ruin the vigour of his story that he has not only directed the movie, but he also did the cinematographer’s job by himself. And his single-handedness has paid off. Flawless camerawork. All the separate shots and scenes have been connected well. Transitions are effectively marked. For the sake of clarity, flashback scenes have not been used. Which breaks the monotony of a predictable film. The movie has three standalone sub plots and yet connected well. Khanal, as the writer and the director, deserves applause for this.

Acting and presentation

The characters are well built. The title character is played by veteran Mithila Sharma, Panta is the lead in this movie. Panta has done an excellent job; she looks natural in her emotionally-turbulent role. Sharma’s acting is also impressive, but the character she acts is quite flat that she is not required to show any versatility. The same condition applies to the role played by Sarita Giri. Veteran radio drama actor Laxmi Bhusal has done her job well in the negative role. The minor characters, such as the roles played by Aashant Sharma, Saroj Aryal and Asmita Khanal are built well.

The story is quiet predictable. Though the trailer doesn't reveal few elements of the movie. But later it seems those elements did not add significant value to the film. Overall it is a family drama and will keep the audience engaged.


Genre: Drama, tragedy

Run time: 110 minutes

Screenwriter/director: Dipendra K Khanal

Cast: Mithila Sharma, Surakshya Panta, Sarita Giri, Deshbhakta Khanal, Manish Niraula, Laxmi Bhusal, Tika Pahari, Padam Prasad Poudel, Aashant Sharma, Saroj Aryal, Asmita Khanal.

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